Classes and Workshops

All classes are held at the farm and provide classroom instruction plus hands-on activities.

Introduction to Organic Farming & Gardening

Lynn has the perfect combination of experience and a scientific and academic background. The course twas both practical and intellectual.

Although I am an avid gardener I learned a lot about growing food on a farm-sized scale. I got what I came for, and more.

I met awesome, inspirational people, and looked forward before every class to being surrounded by a beautiful farm while learning more about how to grow food. (And lunch was delicious every time!)

Whether you’re interested in becoming an full-time organic farmer or you just want to produce delicious, healthy food in your backyard, Lynn Pugh’s legendary Organic Farming and Gardening course will teach you the basics so you can start growing sustainably.

Cane Creek Farm is the classroom, and you’ll engage in plenty of hands-on activities while you learn about everything from crop planning to soil biology. It’s okay if you’re a total newbie!

And if you’re an experienced gardener, you’ll learn a lot too; Lynn teaches from the state’s first-ever organic curriculum, which she developed, and you’ll get a copy of this remarkable resource. You’ll also get to tour area farms and learn from other experienced farmers! For students who want more, there’s even an option for a practicum at the end of the class.

This winter the Organic Farming & Gardening course will be held on the following dates: Jan. 31, Feb 14, Feb. 28, Mar. 14, Mar. 28, April 11, April 25.

Register via Georgia Organics or email


Organic Gardening Workshop

Lynn teaches a one-day Organic Gardening Workshop in the spring and then again in the fall. This class is an introduction to the fundamentals of growing organically, and includes three sessions–Soils, Pest Management, and Plants plus actual Planting. Each session is approximately two hours in length, including discussion and hands-on activities for practical learning. On Saturday, August 9 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, workshop attendees enjoy a vegetarian lunch of farm-fresh produce, usually soup and salad, with an optional tour of the farm.

The next Organic Gardening will be held Saturday, August 9, 2014 The cost to attend is $75 per person. If you would like to attend, email


Lunch N’ Learn

Once or twice a month throughout the growing season, a Lunch n’ Learn class will be held on Monday or Wednesday from 11:00-1:00. All classes are hands on and active participation is encouraged. We will finish with a light lunch of farm produce. Cost will be $35 with a discount for CSA members. Summer classes will be child friendly. You can bring one child for no additional cost.


Pesto! (July 23)

It’s hard to believe that such a fancy Italian dish is actually something so easy and versatile! In this class, we’ll be covering the basics of pesto making and also the different variations of the classic recipe. Please join us on the farm for an afternoon of harvesting, learning, and lunch! Parent and child duos the same cost as adult.


Frozen Family Fun! (July 28)

Everyone loves ice cream and popsicles but few of us know how to make them for our families at home! Bring your kids out to the farm to enjoy an afternoon of harvesting, learning, and fun while making these frozen fun treats! Parent and child duos the same cost as adult.


Grilling Made Easy (August 4th)

By the end of summer, grilling can seem boring but at the farm there are always new things to make tasty by grilling! Bring your family out to the farm to learn new ways of making the ordinary extraordinary at home by grilling! We’ll enjoy harvesting, recipe testing, and lunch. Parent and child duos the same cost as adult.


Arranging Garden Flowers (August 27)

Learn to put together beautiful flower arrangements with your own style for your home, with Lynn at here at Cane Creek Farm. This will be an active class with each person harvesting, preparing and arranging a bouquet to take home. We will finish off the class with a simple vegetarian lunch.